Are You Using Instagram To Show Off?

If you aren’t using Instagram to show off….WHY NOT???

Instagram Salon promotionInstagram is here to stay, and your clients are using it. And, when it comes to promoting your salon, you need to be where your clients are.

On top of that, Instagram is the perfect platform for the salon professional, because it gives you the opportunity to SHOW your work.

These days, there is so much information be transferred, people don’t read unless it is something they really care about.

So, don’t give them something to read, give them something to see.

In this post, I am gong to SHOW YOU how to SHOW OFF on Instagram, and ultimately grow your clientele faster.
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How To Utilize Text Messages In Your Salon

salon client textingDid you know….text messaging is the most widely used form of communication today? 97% of Americans use text messaging at least once a day.

This means, if you want to get your message accross, and guarantee your clients receive the message, text messaging is your best tool!

But are you utilizing SMS in your salon effectively?

Here are 3 essential ways to use text message in your salon to maximize salon profits and grow your business.
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Salon Name Ideas: How To Choose A Name For your Hair Salon

A Strategy For Finding The Best Salon Name Ideas

When you open the doors of a new salon, there are many things to consider: location, logo, product line, and salon name!

Choosing a name for your salon can be a frustrating task, because you want it to be perfect. You want it to be catchy, but not tacky. Memorable, but not cheezy.

While I believe picking a salon name is very important, it does not have to be difficult.

In this post, I will give you the most important things to consider when deciding on a salon name, and hopefully by the end, your salon name will almost pick itself!
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Digital Word Of Mouth Advertising – Salon Profit Circle #4

social proof strategy

How Social Proof Brings New Clients To Your Salon

In the last post, I showed you the steps to get your first time client to fill out an online survey of their experience, and then move them to share your salon on social media.

In order to do this, you give them an incentive like $5 off their next appointment. Once they click the social share button, your salon website appears on their Facebook (or Twitter or Google+) status update.

Why is this such a powerful action?
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How To Get Clients To Share Your Salon On Social Media – Salon Profit Circle #3

social sharing technique

The Secret of the Social Share

You have heard it said, “Word of mouth is the best form of advertising.” I couldn’t agree more. But these days, ‘word of mouth’ means more than just a verbal interaction; it also means social media.

Social is huge! It is the fastest way people can spread the word. And you want as many people interacting and sharing your salon on social media as possible.

Do you have a working strategy of how to get clients to share your salon on social media?

I am going to share a simple strategy that will get your first time clients sharing your salon on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Welcome to part 3 of the Salon Profit Circle: The Social Share.
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