How A Simple Survey Can Bring Them Back – Salon Profit Circle #2

Salon Profit

The Psychology Behind A Short Survey

So your first time client had a good experience, and walked out the door. How do you know if they will ever come back?

I’ve got a few other tricks up my sleeve to increase the rate of return clients. Step 2 of the Salon Profit Circle is the Survey.

In sales, they teach if the customer leaves without the sale (or pre-booking in our case) its over.

While pre-booking is really important, you aren’t always able to get them on the schedule for next time. So, are you going to give up that easily?

Nope! Because you always get the email and phone number of first time clients. Let’s put that email to use!

We will follow up with a quick email thanking them for coming in and inviting them to fill out a short survey of their experience.

Why it works

The goal here is psychological.

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9 Steps to Excellent Salon Service: Salon Profit Circle #1

Excellent Salon Service

Service: 9 Steps to WOW First Time Clients

I think you will agree, full time salon work is tough; even for the highly extroverted. There is an emotional energy displaced for every client in your chair.

At the end of the day, you are wasted, and before long, you may even begin to resent the very clients that pay your salary.

So what do you do to keep the customer service top notch, and still remain sane? I am going to give you 9 steps to great customer service (which is the first part of the Salon Profit Circle), and the tricks to maintain your cool.
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New Salon Marketing Material Coming!

Over the last year, I have been extremely busy with helping local businesses with their digital marketing.

I have decided that I want to spend more time educating salon owners on how to improve their presence on the web, and crush their competition. I have brainstormed around 30 of what I consider the top ways to promote your salon online, and also how to increase client retention.

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Check out my Salon Marketing Page for the foundations of digital marketing.


How to get more salon clients through online scheduling

Does your salon offer online scheduling? If not, you should! For those of us that use an online scheduling platform, you most definitely have clients that register for online scheduling, but never actually make an appointment. Do you just let them go, or do you have a strategy to get those warm leads in your chair?

In this video, I show the simple follow up email that we use, that has turned many potential clients into loyal fans! Enjoy!

Salon Software Management System

When I started my salon, I spent a lot of time researching salon software. For me I wanted a system that manage our appointments and allow our clients to schedule online. I didn’t really have much expectations past that, besides that it had to work on my Macbook. I quickly learned that there were two different types of salon software suites available: downloadable software hosted locally on my computer, and cloud based software.

Typically, you can purchase salon software that is stored on your computer for a one time payment of usually $200-$500 depending on the features. This is the route I was planning on going, until I ran into a roadblock. There were very few options that worked on the Mac operating system (and I wasn’t cool with switching to a PC).

Then I learned about the features of cloud based salon management software, and I haven’t looked back since. Here’s why:
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