Pay Attention To WHEN You Post

I am pretty strategic when it comes to my social marketing. I am intentional with the words I use, and the placement of images, but I never really considered a strategy to the timing of my Facebook posts. I mean, is there a time of day that is best to post on Facebook to maximize engagement from your audience? I usually came up with an idea in the morning and posted it right away. Dumb!

I noticed my organic engagement was very low. I know Facebook wants to monetize business engagement as much as possible and wants me to pay for people to see my posts. But if you don’t want to pay for every post, is there a time of day that will catch more of your target audience? The answer is yes!

If you go to your Facebook page > Insights (at the top) > Posts (at the top), you will see a graph that tells you when the majority of your audience is on Facebook. It is at this time, you will want to post because you will be more to receive likes, comments and shares at this time which will serve your post to more of your audience. See the video below to demonstrate.



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