How To Design A Salon Website That Brings In New Clients

Your Salon Website Needs Some Attention!


It is one of your biggest salon assets.

Hows that?

Right now, there is someone in their home, or in a coffee shop…or anywhere, really.

They are on their phone, looking for a new hair stylist because they just moved into your area…or their last stylist screwed up their color…or maybe their stylist moved out of town or is on maternity leave.

Regardless, they are searching. But they didn’t find you. Because you haven’t spent the $ to build a professional website that represents your brand, and RANKS IN GOOGLE SEARCH.

In this post, I’m going to get you thinking like a marketing pro, so you can leverage your website to grow your salon faster than any salon in town.

How To Make a Dynamic and Professional First Impression: Design

On the internet, you literally have 3-5 seconds to make a strong first impression.

In that short period of time, people visiting your site are making a decision if they are going to schedule an appointment with you, or click the back button to look for someone else.

You need to capture their attention and present your salon as the best hair dressers in town.

There are a few ways to do this…

  1. Images: While the iPhone 7 has the ability to take some remarkable photos, you are not a professional photographer…so don’t use your smart phone photos on your website.
    1. Hire a professional photographer to come out and take pictures of your salon space, your stylists headshots, and candids of you in action, doing client’s hair. And remember to be smiling!
    2. When appropriate, pay for stock photos of models with hair styles that are popular in your area. Even though its just a stock photo, potential clients will instantly think, “oh she looks good; I want to look like that”, and they will call you.
  2. Logo: Not only will your logo be on your outdoor salon sign, it will be on your website, social media pages, emails, and anywhere your salon is represented. So hire a professional to create a professional logo for your salon, and stick that logo in the top left position of your website.
  3. Style Guide: You want your website to exhibit a consistent visual brand. This includes your images, logo, salon font, and colors.
    1. Font: Choose a font that is easy to read and recognizable. This font should be used for everything you do including your website text, business cards, logo, etc. People recognize the small things, and you will look like you have put some thought into it, and have your act together.
    2. Colors: Choose colors to represent your salon, and use them everywhere including your logo and website.

Are you beginning to see how a little time, and graphic attention can really set you apart, and make your website look professional?

If you have your design dialed, you are going to have a trustworthy first impression, which will lead to client conversion directly from your website…and client conversion equals money!

Implement The Art of Persuasion To Convert New Clients: Your Message

In the first 3-5 seconds, visitors of your website also need to understand:

  • What you do
  • How it will improve their life
  • How to schedule an appointment

This is your chance to stand out from your competition. Spend some time brainstorming through your message, and how to communicate these three things simply and effectively.

What kind of salon are you? What do you specialize in? What sets you apart from other salons in town? What does your client’s life like before an experience at your salon? And what does your client’s life look like after experiencing your salon?

Answer these questions, and put together a simple one liner that you can have smack dab overlaying the professional image you have chosen on your home page…and then have a button right there that they can click to schedule an appointment.

When your message is clear, and people believe it will improve their life, the next obvious step is to make that appointment…and client conversion equals money!

Make Your Website Work For You While You Sleep: The Function

Ok, now your website looks amazing, and has a clear call to action. But what if someone is visiting your website after hours? Are you able to convert them into a client even at 3am?

My salon does!

Enter online scheduling. We have literally gone to sleep with openings in our schedule, and woke up the next morning with a full book of hair appointments. In fact, it happens all the time.

If you do not have online scheduling right from your website, your salon is losing money…lots of money!

Your website design and message are doing their job, and the function of your website gives your visitors the option to do business with you…without even talking to you!

We have clients all the time that we never know exist until they are sitting in our chair.

Now, there are several services out there that you can use for online scheduling. I’ve checked them out, and really believe Rosy is the best salon management software (with online scheduling) available. It does everything we need it to do from process credit cards, manage clients, and give detailed sales reports.

Click here if you would like to give Rosy a try for FREE for 30 days!

Rosy Salon Software

Get More Organic Traffic To Your Website: SEO

This entire post so far has been about how to convert website visitors into clients. But how do you get website visitors?

Don’t think that just because you put a lot of time into your website, that anyone is going to find it.

There are two ways that people will visit your website:

  • Organic Traffic
  • Paid Traffic

You need a strategy to get people to your website, so they can convert into customers. You can always pay for traffic using Google, Facebook, or YouTube ads. Each of those are effective, but I prefer the free method!

I love getting sales calls from Google or Yelp, or other online advertisers telling me they can get me more leads for a price. I love it because I get to tell them that I’m not interested because I pay $0 in advertising, and have more new clients every month than we can handle.

So how do I do it?

I have optimized my website so that it appears in the first position in the Google maps section at the top of the search results, and also the #1 position in the organic search results.

There is a lot more that goes in to optimizing a website than I can post here, but I have created a Free website SEO training video that will guarantee getting you free organic clients, if you want to check it out.

Watch the Website SEO training video

Your Salon Website Is The Gateway To New Clients

If you made it this far, I’m guessing you have learned how important your salon website really is. Hopefully it has provided a guide to building a website that gets found, and converts 24/7/365.

Feel free to comment below, or contact me if you need any help designing a website that is going to compliment your brand, and convert clients!

Make Today Extraordinary!

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