The Salon Profit Circle

The best way to grow your clientele quickly is getting first time clients to come back! But many salon professionals just leave this up to chance. The most important step for client retention is to pre-book their second appointment before they leave the salon. But this is not always possible. Maybe they don’t have their schedule in front of them, or just aren’t ready to commit on the spot. So what is your strategy to turn that first timer into a life long client? Don’t have one? Keep reading!

I have created a 4 step process, called the Salon Profit Circle, that has proven to work like magic in our salon. The 4 Steps in the Salon Profit Circle are:

  1. Service
  2. Survey
  3. Social Share
  4. Social Proof

Use the links above to read my detailed posts about each. And check out my video to get an overview of the Salon Profit Circle.