How To Utilize Text Messages In Your Salon

salon client textingDid you know….text messaging is the most widely used form of communication today? 97% of Americans use text messaging at least once a day.

This means, if you want to get your message accross, and guarantee your clients receive the message, text messaging is your best tool!

But are you utilizing SMS in your salon effectively?

Here are 3 essential ways to use text message in your salon to maximize salon profits and grow your business.

Use text messages to communicate salon promotions.

If text messaging really has a 97% open rate, it is your best means to promote exclusive salon deals.

Promotions are meant to get clients in the door, and encourage them to spend more money in your salon. This means the communication needs to take place BEFORE they schedule an appointment.

If you are wanting to increase retail sales, create a buy 2 get one free promotion, and let ALL your clients know by sending out a short text message.  This way, they are already thinking of purchasing retail before they walk in the salon which means it will be much easier to make the sale.

Say goodbye to no-shows by using SMS to confirm appointments.

One of the biggest profit killers (and frustrations) is when a client just doesn’t show up to their appointment.

Most of the time, their excuse seems legitimate, but that doesn’t help the fact that we just lost 2 money making hours in our day. Add a few no-shows every week, and that could equal several hundred dollars that we will never be able to make up.

So what’s the solution to avoiding no-show?

I bet you are guessing: uh….text message??

You are catching on quickly!

SMS appointment confirmations are one of the many ways we reach out to make sure a client shows up to her appointment. While text messaging is the most effective way to communicate appointments, it may not be the most effective for EVERY client.

In our salon, an automated text message and email goes out 2 days before the appointment. In the message, there is a link clients can click that confirms the appointment in our scheduling software.

If the appointment is confirmed, we do nothing. But if neither of those digital confirmation methods worked, we follow up with an old fashioned phone call the day before their appointment.

As you can imagine, the digital confirmations save us a ton of time not making unnecessary phone calls, and ensure no-shows are a minimum, increasing productivity, and profits!

We use salon software that automates both email and text message confirmations, as well as text message appointment reminders for our employees. Click here for a free 30 day trial of the complete Rosy Salon Management System!

Automate text message reminders to ensure your employees show up for their appointments.

If you have online scheduling, you know how great it is for clients to be able to schedule their own appointments.

But the one draw back is having to check your schedule throughout the day in case something changed.

With text message notifications, your salon management software can send you a text message if you get a new appointment or cancellation later in the day. A true life saver!

Start using text messages in your salon!

As you can see, using text messages are a great way to promote your salon, and ensure clients make it to their appointments.

When used effectively, text message communication can create thousands of dollars in profit each year that would have otherwise been missed out on. Contact me, or click here to try Rosy Salon Software, and unleash the power of text messages in your salon.

Be sure to let me know in the comments below how you are utilizing text messages in your salon!

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