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How To Utilize Text Messages In Your Salon

Did you know….text messaging is the most widely used form of communication today? 97% of Americans use text messaging at least once a day. This means, if you want to get your message accross, and guarantee your clients receive the message, text messaging is your best tool! But are you utilizing SMS in your salon effectively? Here are 3 essential ways to use text message in your salon to maximize salon profits and grow your business.

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Salon Software Management System

When I started my salon, I spent a lot of time researching salon software. For me I wanted a system that manage our appointments and allow our clients to schedule online. I didn’t really have much expectations past that, besides that it had to work on my Macbook. I quickly learned that there were two different types of salon software suites available: downloadable software hosted locally on my computer, and cloud based software. Typically, you can purchase salon software that is stored on your computer for a one time payment of usually $200-$500 depending on the features. This is the route I was planning on going, until I ran into a roadblock. There were very few options that worked on the Mac operating system (and I wasn’t cool with switching to a PC). Then I learned about the features of cloud based salon management software, and I haven’t looked back since. Here’s why:

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