Salon Marketing Consultant - Dustin NcCorchukMeet Salon Marketing Consultant – Dustin NcCorchuk

Dustin is a salon marketing expert. He consults salon professionals and creates online systems to organically appear where potential salon clients are looking. He has also created an online marketing course specifically for salon professionals to properly position themselves in local Google search to consistently captivate new clients. Oh ya, and he also owns and manages his salon!

Dustin’s Personal Journey

Dustin and his wife grew up in the suburbs of Seattle. Dustin’s wife was trained at Graham Webb Academy in Washington DC, and later worked as a hair dresser in a prominent salon in the Seattle area.

In 2011, they decided to move to Central Oregon and open a hair salon. Not knowing anyone, Dustin knew he needed to figure out a sustainable system (and fast) to get new clients in the chair. Dustin learned everything he could about websites, and online marketing. Before long he was able to get the salon website, Google+ profile, YouTube video and Yelp listing all on the first page of Google search. And best of all, he doesn’t pay a penny in internet advertising; it’s all organic! As a result, their salon began getting phone calls from new clients that had found them on the web. To this day, the salon continues to grow. In fact, every month, 15% of their total client load is made up of first time clients.

Dustin saw this process that he had discovered as something that could be replicated with other salons anywhere in the world, because Google is everywhere in the world! This is when his salon marketing company was born. Today, Dustin consults salons owners, and creates websites and promotional videos to properly position salons in Google.