Video Marketing

I am going to go out on a limb and tell it like I see it. YouTube is THE most important marketing platform for your salon. PERIOD.

But here is the thing: VERY few salons are actually using video to its maximum potential.

Did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine, and more time is spent on YouTube than on the television?

I have looked at the digital marketing efforts for a TON of salons. The salons that actually have a YouTube video, aren’t doing it right, and barely get any views because they have not optimized their video.

And if you don’t get any views, you aren’t getting any new clients from your video.

There is a strategic way to create a promotional video for your salon. Here are the basic steps.

  1. Intro: Introduce yourself and your salon.
  2. Pain points: Address the apprehensions the audience are facing when it comes to finding a new stylist.
  3. Provide a Solution: You are the solution. Let them know why you are qualified to be their next hair stylist.
  4. Call to Action: Give some sort of incentive to schedule an appointment right now.

Your promotional video should be no longer than 90 seconds, and the call to action needs to be clear. Make sure you use a lavaliere mic, and a camera that shoots HD. Your iphone will work just fine if you mount it on a tripod.

Here is an example of a promotional video I did, that has all the elements above.

I teach in more detail about how to create a promotional marketing video for your salon in Salon Marketing Blueprint.

How To Get Your Potential Clients To See Your Video

Did you know you can optimize and rank YouTube videos to appear on the first page of Google? That’s right! When someone searches for a salon in your area, they could come accross your video in the search results.

Organic search is the best way to attract new clients because they are already searching for a new salon. Chances are pretty good, they will make a decision to call one of the salons they find in the search results within minutes. Your video will set you apart, and become your greatest trust building advocate on the internet!

Done For You Video Services

For some, video marketing for your salon sounds like a great idea, but you wouldn’t know where to begin. I love helping salons in the process of producing compelling videos, and getting them ranked. Here’s how it works.

  1. I produce a professional 1-2 minute video for your salon much like the video above.
  2. I place the video on my high authority Salon Marketing YouTube Channel, and provide you with the video file to use anywhere you please.
  3. I begin the process of optimizing your video so it ranks high in Google search, and is front and center for any potential clients in your city searching for a new salon.
  4. Your salon gets new clients every day!

Click here or call me today to begin using video marketing for your salon.